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Terms and Conditions

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While driving:

  • You should never ever leave the golf cart's steering wheel unlocked while it's parked.
  • Do Not Drive while intoxicated.
  • No parking within 30 feet or less from street corners.
  • “No Parking” areas on the street sides are marked by a red line.
  • Maximum allowed passengers for our 4-seater golf carts are 4 persons and 6 persons for 6 seater.
  • Three main streets in San Pedro Town
    • Barrier Reef Drive (front street) which is One Way Only (north) and parking is available on the right side only.
      Central Park street block is completely closed on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 6pm-6am respectively.
    • Pescador Drive (middle street) is also One Way (south) and parking is available on the right side only.
    • Angel Coral Street (back street) is a Two Way street and parking is available on the east side only.
  • Taxi Parking zones are exclusive only for taxi cabs.

Rental Policies:

  • A valid Driver’s License is required to rent one of our golf carts.
  • You must always carry your drivers license when you're driving.
  • The full amount of rental must be paid online on the day of booking for confirming and securing the reservation.
  • All carts are provided with gas and should be returned with the same amount of gas.
  • In case of cancelation, there's 50% refund until the arrival day, NO REFUND on the arrival day.

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